DAVID GROUP was established on 27 May 2019 by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with the number AHU-0026807.AH.01.01.TAHUN 2019. DAVID GROUP founded by David Samuel Haloho and formed for solution of the urgency of cyberattacks on a global scale that silently manipulates, attacks and conducts e-espionage against the Software and Hardware Industry. Based on our observations when DAVID GROUP was trusted to complete critical tasks given by several Private Clients, that every cyber attack that is executed, has been systematically evaluated and analyzed by the attackers intensively to get a stealth mode scenario.

The culmination that we can summarize from the "Global Private Hacking Group" is, they understand technology really well and master all fields in the development of the digital world. The involvement of Neural Network and AI Deep Learning in every software & firewall product is the final solution to deal with global threats effectively. Based on this, every product launched by DAVID GROUP has the capacity and capability of Automated Self Learning (ASL).

Cybersecurity is a progressive task, where technological developments can make a firewall vulnerable if it is not balanced with new information and variables. So it is not surprising to hear that the global cybersecurity budget is very large.

Several sectors of the application of Artificial Intelligence in Software & Firewall (Anti-Virus) products by DAVID GROUP:

Neural Firewall
Cyber Investigative Process
Rapid Identification & Active Threats Neutralize
Cyber Emergency Assistance
Deep Monitoring
Deep Inspection Testing
Stealth Profiling
Self Data Loss Prevention

Some hardware products by DAVID GROUP:

Special Functions Drone
Private Phone
LTE 5G Drones
Signal & Antenna Propagation
Assisted GPS

Services that has been served by DAVID GROUP:

Integrated PV Solar Cell & IoT
Integrated Software Development
Cyber Security Training & Consultant
Search Engine Optimization
Rural Internet Service & Satellite Communications

Private Equity (PE)

DAVID GROUP plans to go public in the next five years and open branch offices in Germany, SG, UK & USA. This is one of DAVID GROUP's commitments as a strategic global company. Prior to the Go Public stage process, DAVID GROUP opened globally to invite Investors, Private Equity, or any entity that is interested and has the same vision to join in the development of innovation and expansion of each product and service of DAVID GROUP.