Terms & Conditions


Terms & conditions below governs the use of the service that offered by PT David Sistem Group related to the davidgroup.co.id site. Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of users under the law.

    1. The products and / or services you receive do not match the name or the description model.
    2. Products can be returned within no later than 2 x 24 hours after such report is received.
    3. The received product is not functioning properly or does not work at all, in this case the product can be claimed by warranty and can be exchanged for the new ones.
    4. Exchange of products can be done with the condition that the product must be in accordance with the previous product type.
    5. Shipping errors, damage to products and loss caused by the courier services are not our responsibility.
    6. Shipping costs for product returns and return shipping are entirely borne by the buyer.
    7. Configuration errors or misunderstandings in using products or services that cause the product to not work properly are beyond our responsibility, but the buyer can ask one of our support teams.
    8. The product exchange process takes no later than 7 days working hours.

    1. Products that have been ordered and paid are out of stock and we will return them in the form of a credit balance.
    2. Refund can only be made if the product purchased does not match the description written on the website.
    3. The refund process takes maximum 7 days working hours since the refund is approved by PT David Sistem Group
    1. The buyer has not made payment within 1x24 hours after ordering.
    2. PT David Sistem Group has not yet received the payment.