1. David Group VPN offers double-layered encryption feature to encapsulate every digital communication traffic that is carried out on your device 24/7.

2. You can enjoy the Always-On VPN feature on your device, so your device will always be connected even if the device reboots.

3. Bypass all sites that may be blocked by your regional authority. Your information will never be known by the sites you visit, such as the ISP used, IPv4 Geo-Location, DNS Traffic History, Personality Profiling based on cookies and your digital activity.

4. David Group VPN has servers in Europe, America, Australia - Oceania, Asia and Africa.

5. David Group VPN is specially designed to fulfill the needs of multi-functional users, such as communication security (example: Whatsapp, Telegram, Social Media, Browsing), video-streaming, gaming, geo-restricted bypass.

6. Unlimited Inbound/Outbound Traffic

7. Can be used on almost all types of devices - multi-platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux)

8. There is no need to install the application on the device used, so it does not burden device resources.

9. David Group Native VPN significantly reduces the espionage data that is usually embedded in apps.

10. You can also connect to several network devices such as Routers/Modems that have VPN features.

11. The speed of the initiation process.

*DAVID GROUP VPN : IDR 150.000 /month
IDR 1.800.000 /year